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    Huayi will definitely apply its core technology linear motor on more products, constantly enriching its product portfolio, such as pulsator, masturbator, anal plug, etc. Huayi will also develop further into health and massage field, military field, etc.

    Recent years have witnessed a great potential demand for adult toys. Ever since 2002, all body embeded silicone is removed from the control list of medical device. In 2011, China Reproductive Health Standard Technology Committee was founded and began to set standard for sex toys; From the perspective of social environment, people’s sex consciousness are aroused, which will further push forward the development and diversity of adult products, and with 47 million left behind women and  180 million single adults, we can expect a tremendous market needs for adult products.

    Nowadays women’s social status have improved a lot due to their independence in thought and income. They become more self oriented and pursue more on their own desire deep in heart, including the female sex toys that enrich their lives to great extent. Huayi developed 3 types of thrusting pulsators based on linear technology and display them on 2017 HK&Asia International Adult Show and 2017 Shanghai International Adult Show.

    Huayi’s products branded under the name AISNN caught pulibic interest upon its display. Huayi will definitely keep moving on developing more products such as pulsators, masturbators, anal plug, etc. Huayi will also move on into more fields like health and massage, beauty device, military, etc, providing high quality functional products with its unique technology and sincere services.


    【简讯】华一将会把公司的核心技术发挥到极致,后续将会不断丰富爱思尼系列的成人用品,除了直线抽插拟真震动棒,飞机杯,跳蛋 等等。华一也将进军保健按摩用品行业,军工业,等等